Ashes Of My Regrets Interview

The Offering: How would you describe your new EP “Caricatures”?

Brian Glennon : “Caricatures” is a very dark EP lyrically and instrumentally and it still has the old AOMR sound while incorporating a new style for us. I really feel like we evolved on this record song writing wise, instrumentally our vocalist has definitely improved with his technique as well. We feel like we’ve created something that really has our own sound to it.

TO: How did you approach the songwriting?

BG: Every song had its own way of being put together. Normally how the songwriting will go is Chris and Brandon will sit down and work on most of the instrumental together and then once that is finished Chris will go over it and write all the lyrics and melodies and layer some keys and synths and make some transitions if needed. Brandon will go work on the drums and just make sure everything was recorded properly etc etc.

TO: Is there a particular inspiration behind the lyrics?

BG: Every song has its own inspiration. For example “Incorruptible” is based on depression while “Fooled me twice, now pay the price” was inspired from Chris’s ex girl friend who cheated on him awhile back. Every song has its own meaning and is inspired by something different.

TO: How did you approach the filming of the video for the song “Daydreams”?

BG: When it comes to the video we kind of gave Alex from Blackwolf Imaging the song and asked him what his vision was for it. He kind of guided the rest and we really couldn’t be happier with the way the music video came out.

TO: Which band/artist inspired you to become a musician?

BG: Me personally Muse was my biggest inspiration. They have been my favorite band for as long as I can remember.

TO: Do you have any touring plans?

BG: As of now were planning on hitting the Midwest in December! When it comes to 2017 we want to be able to tour as much as possible.

TO: What are your expectations for the future of the band?

BG: Well we hope to one day be touring as much as possible playing too sold out crowds. We really want to make this our career and we hope this release will put us that much closer to getting there.

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