Sirenia – Arcane Astral Aeons

On Sirenia’s ninth studio album “Arcane Astral Aeons” mastermind Morten Veland has carefully crafted for you another dazzling collection of songs and especially on this record Emmanuelle Zoldan proves to be the ideal vocalist for the band.  

“In Styx Embrace” opens the album in grandiose symphonic fashion with majestic arrangements & operatic choirs followed by aptly arcane & solemn melodic guitar work that sumptuously surround Emmanuelle’s shimmering vocals while Morten’s wicked growls amplify a faster harsh rhythmic crescendo.

Featuring guest vocalist Yannis Papadopoulos from Finnish band Beast In Black, “Love Like Cyanide” was released as first single and in fact it’s packed with sweet melodic hooks, the type that unconsciously get stuck in your head, nevertheless it’s not just about catchiness as there is a surprisingly intense blackened momentum that often emerges with an overdose of darkly abrasive guitar riffs and malevolent growls.

“Desire” focuses on melancholic melodies and dreamy atmospheric layers that naturally enhance Emmanuelle’s sultry vocal delivery, especially lovely during the brief very French moment which is surprisingly followed by the contrasting venomous black metal blasts.

“Queen Of Lies” offers a delightful mix of symphonic splendor with the right dosage of triumphant arrangements accompanied by theatrical choirs and heavier guitar riffs matched by Morten’s vicious growls staying true to Sirenia’s renowned music style.

“Aerodyne” is another enjoyable track focusing mainly on the band’s more melodic aspects with loads of refined atmospheric arrangements and smooth guitar work plus it’s really a pleasure to hear the nostalgic vocals performed by former Tristania singer Østen Bergøy.

“Glowing Embers” begins with deeply melancholic acoustic arpeggios that introduce an elegant symphonic sonic realm where lavish operatic choirs and Emmanuelle’s emotive vocal performance evoke intensely dramatic nuances enhanced by variegated opulent arrangements.

“Arcane Astral Aeons” truly benefits from the great band chemistry that probably fueled Morten’s creative force as on this album there is a perfect equilibrium between darkness and light, a world of contrasting feelings naturally embodied by the fascinating blend of symphonic melodies and harsh metal elements.

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