Hiss From The Moat – The Harrier

Founded by acclaimed drummer James Payne of Vital Remains and Hour of Penance, Hiss From The Moat is ready to celebrate the release of the sophomore album “The Harrier” which revolves mainly around technical blackened death metal dynamics.

The creepy atmospheres of “The Badial Despondency” introduce the monstrous title track where the massive rhythmic ensemble is constantly fueled by the technical precision of the drums and the belligerent guitar riffs while the soloing showcases fancy shredding and darkened vibes.

The mood of “The Passage To Hell” definitely matches the title as the menacing drum march and the consequent guitar driven grooves dwell within an asphyxiating blackened realm enriched by the calmer yet nightmarish atmospheric momentum.  

It’s nice to take a break with the sophisticated classical guitar melodies of “The Abandonment (Interlude)” where the band can showcase a different songwriting approach and still manifest a profound sense of darkness.

There are plenty of extreme metal elements on “The Allegory Of Upheaval” as thick guitar riffs could not sound more obscure supported by brutal drum blasts and hellish growls while the lead guitar work tends to focus on remarkable melancholia infused melodies.

“God Nephasto” fully embraces fierce uncompromising grooves fueled by a palpable primordial force that demands faster rhythmic segments and blackened guitar riffs while once again the technical soloing stands out for the subtle melodic accents.

There is a perennial darkness throughout “The Decay Of Lies” and the blackened influences become rather dominant in the guitar work that skillfully takes the center stage with an overdose of gloomy tonalities and decadent melodies.

Overall “The Harrier” is a solid extreme metal opus that can often sound absolutely ominous but Hiss From The Moat are able to add also melodic & atmospheric twists to such aggressive sonic approach.

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