Big Business – The Beast You Are

The music journey of power duo Big Business started fifteen years ago and now they have crafted another entertaining collection of songs on the brand new album “The Beast You Are” characterized by a hard to categorize sludgy heavy rock style.

“Abdominal Snowman” doesn’t waste any time with steady rhythmic blasts keeping a cohesive heavy groove as guitars and drums manage to channel major raw energy within a hazy soundscape.

On “Heal The Weak” the atmospheric arrangements add some softer introspective vibes to the massive sludgy groove that certainly represents the main focus here with consistent monumental guitar riffs.

“Time And Heat” begins with pleasantly enigmatic atmospheres that naturally enrich the signature guitar driven dynamics that this time follow a slower moody rhythm to match the dominant darkened vibes.

“The Moor You Know” actually amplifies even more such inner darkness through solemn atmospheric arrangements that become extremely dominant leading to a slower epic and experimental sonic approach often accompanied by a dramatic vocal delivery.

“Under Everest” definitely interrupts the album’s groovy momentum bringing you a super slow trippy experience that focuses mainly on spacey keyboards arrangements and harmonious vocals.

With faster rhythmic patterns “Let Them Grind” goes straight to the point relying on constant bold guitar riffs bearing heavy sludge/stoner tonalities and galloping fiercely through dense grim atmospheric waves.

Big Business are very comfortable in their weird heavy rock realm which feels very distant from any standard music trend in the current rock/metal scene and in fact “The Beast You Are” is the result of multifaceted inspirations and styles.

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