Allegaeon – Apoptosis

Despite several line up changes Allegaeon showcase a renewed intense creative force that generates the compelling nuances and crushing dynamics of the latest full length “Apoptosis”.

“Parthenogenesis” is more than just an instrumental album intro as it marks a fierce beginning that proves the band’s stellar musicianship ensuring a variegated sonic realm where technical guitar progressions create massive grooves and calmer acoustic moments evoke somber feelings.

On “Interphase // Meiosis” the whole instrumentation certainly emphasizes a profound darkness through the faster rhythmic segments, the belligerent guitar driven grooves and the hellish growls embellished by an irresistible shredding galore and loads of tasteful technical elements.

“Extremophiles (B)” can sound absolutely merciless as technical guitars and monumental bass lines confidently build vicious grooves channeling the band’s death metal roots with the clever addition of inventive prog style accents and brief melancholic phrases.

On “Tsunami and Submergence” the enchanting atmospheric arrangements, the classical inspired arpeggios and the heartfelt clean vocals intensify a melodic grandeur that will seamlessly embrace another round of stunning technical guitar leads and aggressive rhythmic patterns.

“Stellar Tidal Disruption” tends to put the spotlight on the technicality of the vibrant guitar progressions that constantly enrich the super fast thunderous rhythmic sections and render the whole song slightly more accessible especially with the luminous melodic textures of the guitar solos.

The title track symbolizes an ambitious grand finale as spellbinding melodic guitars and immersive atmospheres have the power to captivate the listeners while the winning combo of majestic technical guitar leads and punishing rhythmic blasts keep alive the extreme metal elements recurring throughout the whole album.

Listening attentively to “Apoptosis” you can perceive that Allegaeon focus on a stylish and eclectic songwriting approach that leads to impressively diverse soundscapes blending fascinating melodic sections and moments of sheer brutality.

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