Imperia – Flames Of Eternity

One of the reasons why gothic metal band Imperia will always conquer our hearts is the enchanting voice of Helena Iren Michaelsen and on the latest full length “Flames Of Eternity” the band focuses more than ever on opulent symphonic arrangements.

The triumphant symphonic momentum of “The Scarred Soul” is immediately evident as the solemn nature of the multilayered orchestral arrangements hold a fundamental role surrounding Helena’s elegant vocals and embellishing the alluring crispy guitar melodies while the sharp riffage leads to heavier rhythmic patterns.

“Fear Is An Illusion” has some heavy grooves certainly amplified by growls and faster rhythm patterns but mainly aims to deliver an accessible melodic essence through the smooth guitar work and the catchy vocal delivery of the chorus again emphasized by sumptuous symphonic layers and the somber tonalities of the softer breakdown.

“Book Of Love” has some powerful theatrical dynamics as well as loads of classic metal ballad elements such as the refined piano intro, the understated atmospheric orchestrations and the lovely melancholia infused guitar melodies that support perfectly the emotionally charged vocal performance.

“Blinded” diligently follows the symphonic metal blueprint focusing on operatic vocals and majestic orchestrations that certainly enrich the blend of harsh guitar riffs and polished melodic textures within a bombastic rhythmic ensemble.

“Otherside” often offers calmer melodic moments that allow Helena’s flawless vocals to truly shine and adds some magical folk style elements to the main lavish symphonic metal tapestries and certainly no one could resist the charming beauty of the violin harmonies.

On “The Ocean” the orchestral arrangements and the shimmering melodic guitar phrases

acquire charming oriental tonalities that definitely add variety to the grand symphonic themes accompanied by Helena’s eclectic passionate vocals.

Overall, Imperia’s music still evokes the profound melancholia and the melodic splendor of gothic metal nevertheless “Flames Of Eternity” tends to favor a familiar and certainly successful symphonic formula to add extra dramatic depth.

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