Forever Still – Breathe In Colours

The modern metal scene is definitely full of emerging bands that try to stand out and young Danish metallers Forever Still worked hard to attract a wider audience with the dystopian themes and passionate approach of the sophomore album “Breathe In Colours”.

On “Rewind” the instrumental framework tends to put the spotlight on the emotional vocal delivery of Maja Shining with a mix of futuristic synths and soothing melodic tapestries that certainly would appeal to a younger crowd.

On “Fight!” guitars acquire crunchy tonalities to build a solid series of heavier grooves around Maja’s harsh vocals yet the song’s somber melodic essence is still very dominant especially in the widely accessible chorus.

On the title track the mood gets pleasantly darker enhanced by moody atmospheric layers,  bittersweet vocals and soft whispers but even if there are loads of melancholic melodies the rhythmic section can pack heavier elements.

“Survive” amplifies a modern heavy approach with galloping guitar riffs and consequent groovy dynamics that once again revolve around the winning blend of harsh screams and emotionally charged vocals.

“Rising Over You” continues to represent the contrasting feeling that characterize the whole album mixing comforting melodic phrases always emphasized by Maja’s harmonious vocals and heavier rhythmic crescendos.

“Embrace The Tide” closes the album amplifying the dystopian aspects through intriguing synths arrangements and darkened guitar melodies in contrast with the glowing vocals and dreamy melodies.

As it becomes harder to conquer a solid spot within the current music scene Forever Still aim to impress the listeners with an engaging modern sonic formula that generates the accessible combo of grooves & melodies of “Breathe In Colours”.


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