Superlynx – New Moon

Norwegian doom trio Superlynx begins a new chapter with the sophomore album “New Moon” that allows them to freely express a multitude of contrasting emotions as darkness and light magically entwine.

“Hex” opens the album with an overload of simply spellbinding guitar melodies and hazy atmospheres creating a profound sense of tranquility matched by the ethereal vocal delivery yet the mood gets significantly darker and heavier with the weight of doom oriented guitar riffs.

Besides the evident stoner/doom dynamics fully expressed by the cohesive rhythmic section “Breath” feels like a reverie due to the calm enchanting vocals and the fuzzy guitar tonalities that successfully deliver psychedelic tinged melodies.

“Becoming The Sea” feels more melancholic beginning with soft piano melodies but as soon as distorted guitars take over the stoner elements become prominent leading to heavier grooves in contrast with the charming melodic tapestries.

The title track offers plenty of hypnotizing melodies as the guitar work tends to rely on moody tonalities within a dreamy sonic realm while the scattered rhythmic crescendos successfully add some heavy occult rock vibes.  

The psychedelic nature of “Scarecrow” leads to particularly groovy distortions that make you feel dizzy and the galloping guitar riffs tend to follow an upbeat rhythm but certainly the somber doom tonalities still emerge through slower monochromatic melodies.

The hazy peaceful atmospheres of “The Thickest Night” will probably make you space out as guitars focus mainly on dense darkened melodic textures accompanied by haunting vocals and spiced up by occasional heavier riffs.

Overall “New Moon” showcases consistent doom roots embellished by a bewitching atmospheric composition as Superlynx invite the listeners to embrace darkness through poetic lyrics and gloomy melodies.  

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