Eluveitie – Ategnatos

Swiss folk metal superstars Eluveitie embark on a brand new epic journey with the 8th album “Ategnatos” which seems to have all the necessary elements to satisfy the devoted fans featuring the band’s signature blend of melodic death metal and magical traditional folk tapestries accompanied by a real string quartet.

Without any hesitation the title track manifest the band’s successful folk metal formula focusing on epic cinematic soundscapes meticulously crafted by traditional instruments such as hurdy gurdy and bagpipes that enrich the recurring lavish melodies but the band never forgets to add some darkened heavier dynamics with intense rhythmic crescendos, bold guitar riffs and ominous growls.

The opulent multi-layered folk arrangements of “Black Water Dawn” tend to steal the spotlight leading to a particularly enthralling melodic ensemble emphasized by the lovely vocals by Fabienne Erni while groovy guitar riffs & soloing channel the expected heavier momentum.

“A Cry In The Wilderness” offers elegant atmospheric textures followed by a more substantial melodic death metal approach with the right dosage of crunchy guitar licks and ravenous growls while the melodic spirit naturally comes to life through the intricate folk harmonies.

“The Raven Hill” favors ancient folk vibes that lead to solemn chants and enchanting harmonies as the instrumental passages can sound absolutely melancholic but also playful following an entertaining upbeat rhythm.

Featuring guest vocalist Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God “Worship” incarnates a darker essence through prominent savage growls and a rather fierce guitar driven assault while the harmonious folk nuances also tend to match such sinister mood with mysterious atmospheres and somber melodic phrases.

“Breathe” is a particularly catchy track where a mix of soothing folk melodies and catchy guitar riffs create a sumptuous soundscape around Fabienne’s glowing vocal performance and a memorable widely accessible chorus.

“Rebirth” maintains major epic vibes and dwells in a classic melo-death sonic realm as it can sound utterly vicious with loads of fast energetic rhythmic segments and massive guitar riffage obviously amplified by the intense growls in contrast with the softer spellbinding atmospheric moments.

“Eclipse” closes the album with a minimalist atmospheric approach that allows the listeners to truly appreciate Fabienne’s passionate & haunting vocal performance.

From beginning to end “Ategnatos” is a majestic opus destined to conquer even more fans as despite some major line up changes Eluveitie appear in excellent shape ready to embrace a new bombastic chapter in their successful career.


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