Novarupta – Disillusioned Fire

The genesis of Novarupta begins when Swedish musician/composer Alex Stjernfeldt leaves The Moth Gatherer following his desire to explore different music territories and the result is the debut album “Disillusioned Fire” which also features a collaboration with several renowned vocalists.

“Stones” features a strong vocal performance by Tomas Liljedahl that matches the gloomy emotions expressed by the bittersweet guitar melodies flowing through the monumental heavier sludge oriented rhythmic patterns.  

Featuring Jörgen Sandström on vocals “Pyroclastic Flows” stands out for the enchanting melancholia infused guitar melodies that will certainly move the listeners yet there is a darker aura lingering throughout the song that often will lead to harsh guitar riffs and fierce instrumental dynamics.

Featuring the unmistakable intense growls by Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquillity “Mare Tranquillitatis” successfully depicts desolate soundscapes through a moody blend of nostalgic melodic phrases generating contemplative moments and feverish guitar riffs that dictate a more aggressive rhythm.

Hypnotizing cold melodies are at the center of “Ourang Medan” and Martin Wegeland of Domkraft delivers a passionate vocal performance that naturally emphasizes the dramatic atmospheres, the darkened guitar tonalities and the frenetic rhythmic crescendos.

The sonic realm of “Disillusioned Fire” feels immensely dark yet somehow comforting and since the first listening you can easily comprehend that the musical direction of Novarupta is fueled by genuine emotions, uncertainty and pain.

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