Fleshgod Apocalypse – Veleno

Italian masters of orchestral death metal Fleshgod Apocalypse have worked meticulously to perfect their grandiose music vision which fully comes to life with the merciless yet utterly elegant new album “Veleno”.

Just like the title suggests the strong obscure feelings of “Fury” come from the band’s extreme metal roots that generate tremendous chaotic moments featuring simply relentless guitar riffs, precise drumming and the ruthless growls of Francesco Paoli but such furious momentum will naturally embrace the sublime elegance of the intricate symphonic arrangements & solemn choirs.  

The dramatic guitar melodies and refined orchestral textures in the beginning of “Carnivorous Lamb” give you a chance to breathe before entering a hostile sonic realm filled with untamed drum blasts, super fast guitar riffs and savage growls while Paolo Rossi’s clean vocals enhance the delightful theatrical aspects of the melodic passages.

“Sugar” was rightfully chosen as first single and still represents one of the most intense moments on the album hitting you in the face with frantic technical rhythmic patterns and a memorable yet absolutely ferocious chorus glowing through the complex concoction of abrasive guitars, stylish melodic phrases and majestic orchestrations.

The rhythm slows down on “Monnalisa” to emphasize the opulent symphonic tapestries and the baroque flair paying homage to the many classical Italian virtuosi, the genius of Paganini often comes to mind as inspiration, and certainly such sumptuous melodic essence, well expressed by Veronica Bordacchini’s flawless vocals and by the dazzling guitar melodies, has the necessary charisma to capture your attention.

On “Absinthe” the classical elements shine bright through the magnificent symphonic waves that surround Paolo’s melodramatic vocals and Francesco’s hellish growls creating a darkly poetic contrast that will be further amplified by the neoclassical accents of the guitar work and the primordial impulse of the relentless rhythmic patterns.

Listening to “The Day We’ll Be Gone” feels like a night at the opera as Veronica takes the center stage with a bewitching operatic vocal performance accompanied by the classical finesse of the perfectly melancholic piano melodies, the poignant melodic guitar soloing and the ravishing atmospheric gloom.

“Embrace The Oblivion” will conquer the listeners with its wicked technical death metal approach as the guitar work holds an essential role in the creation of massive monolithic grooves but also with its compelling darkened epic aesthetics as Paolo’s vocals and radiant orchestral layers emphasize the theatrical nature of the song which will naturally fade into the classical allure of the piano piece on the title track that closes the album with profoundly nostalgic nuances.

The spontaneously explosive sonic evolution of Fleshgod Apocalypse today leads to a unique elaborate music style that deserves your utmost attention and appreciation as “Veleno” is the legit incarnation of such ambitious artistic vision and its consequent vivid emotional turmoil that always feels palpable within the exquisite blend of classical splendor and enraged extreme metal force.

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