Crowhurst – III

Crowhurst is the strictly experimental project of prolific artist Jay Gambit that deliberately aims to incorporate eclectic music styles and sounds ranging from black metal to noise as showcased on the latest album “III”.

“Self Portrait With Halo And Snake” crafts bleak soundscapes through calm guitar phrases and atmospheric layers favoring somber tonalities and monochromatic vocals that will eventually evolve into desperate screams following blurry rhythmic crescendos.

“The Drift” revolves around hazy post-rock/shoegaze inspired melodies and harsh guitar riffs lurking in the background which constantly evoke a profound sense of desolation further enhanced by the super spacey harmonies of the finale.

The immense melancholia of “Ghost Tropic” comes to life with gorgeous guitar melodies and a relaxing tempo until furious blackened rhythmic patterns lead to a drastically heavier momentum amplified by aggressive guitar riffs and tormented screams.

Named directly after an episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’ “Five Characters In Search Of An Exit” can sound claustrophobic or even trippy as massive distorted guitars lead to a primal blackened sonic assault followed by a chaotic realm full of intricate obscure electronic layers and anguished screams.

It becomes evident that “III” belongs to an experimental music niche so distant from standard composition or current trends as with Crowhurst Jay Gambit refuses to be confined within the foreordained boundaries of a specific genre and prefers to create a unique, often enigmatic, sonic experience.

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