Death Angel – Humanicide

We all notice how strong the thrash metal legacy still feels today and one of the reasons can be found in the true dedication expressed by iconic bands like Death Angel that give all they got to the faithful fans once again with the evident explosive nature of the brand new album “Humanicide”.

The title track immediately stands out for the smoldering guitar melodies that channel a rather darkened mood introducing an authentic merciless thrash assault full of memorable guitar riffs and pummeling drums while Mark Osegueda delivers a charismatic vocal performance that simply cannot be ignored.

From beginning to end “Divine Defector” stands out for the stellar guitar work carefully crafted by Rob Cavestany and Ted Aguilar unleashing cohesive rounds of terrific guitar riffs and flamboyant leads that effortlessly complement the aggressive rhythmic patterns.

The contemplative vibes of “Aggressor” are fully expressed by moody melodic aesthetics as elegantly darkened guitar tonalities embellish the main classic thrash metal dynamics and the glorious guitar solo undoubtedly adds stylish variations to the bold rhythmic segments.  

On “Immortal Behated” the captivating guitar melodies lead to sophisticated melancholic moments and surround a series of absolutely catchy grooves amplified by Mark’s outstanding vocals and enriched by the impressive guitar soloing until the song fades into a deeply nostalgic piano piece accompanied by delicate arpeggios.  

There is an irresistible untamed anger running through “The Pack”, a song dedicated to the band’s loyal fans, as guitars fiercely deliver massive thrash grooves channeling the band’s renowned roots with an overdose of bold galloping riffs and intense shredding leads.

“Revelation Song” can slightly deviate from the Bay Area thrash trademark offering diverse and energetic rhythmic progressions confidently built by another series of inflamed guitar riffs that still allow the melodic core of the song to shine through Rob’s vibrant solos and the catchy chorus.

In all these years Death Angel have been showcasing high quality songwriting skills and an authentic passionate approach therefore  it’s not surprising to see them in excellent shape on “Humanicide”, a strong record that will increase the band’s popularity in the current metal scene.

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