Darkthrone – Old Star

Norwegian legends Darkthrone return with the brand new album “Old Star” which this time unleashes a savage series of guitar driven grooves with prominent 80’s thrash & death/doom metal influences within a distinct dark sonic realm.  

“I Muffle Your Inner Choir” relies on consistent no frills heavy rhythmic patterns and the unmistakable ominous growls of Nocturno Culto creating a fiery sonic assault that doesn’t really need breakneck speed to make an impact and actually sounds more accessible than expected.

“The Hardship Of The Scots” focuses on an overdose of gritty guitar riffs leading to bold black n’ roll grooves that throughout the song will evolve into dramatically slower doom laden segments that certainly amplify the obscure undertones.

With a deeply darkened mood the title track again puts the spotlight on the extremely cold somber guitar work delivering the perfect dosage of dismal tonalities accompanied by venomous raspy vocals as the fiery black metal roots and the slower doom elements naturally embrace.  

“The Key Is Inside The Wall” definitely channels a sense of impending doom that recurs through the frenetic drumming and the relentless guitar riffs fueled by familiar menacing blackened elements while the slick guitar leads have the ability to create memorable gloomy melodic moments.

While you can always perceive a strong blackened force behind the songwriting approach of “Old Star” the iconic duo Fenriz & Nocturno Culto clearly aims to expand the music vision of Darkthrone that on this album generates constant groovy vibes with the addition of old school dynamics that inevitably make you feel nostalgic.

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