Waste Of Space Orchestra – Syntheosis

Waste Of Space Orchestra is not an average band but the result of an adventurous collaboration between Finnish bands Oranssi Pazuzu and Dark Buddha Rising that comes to life on the darkly psychedelic opus “Syntheosis”.

As soon as “Void Monolith” begins you can already perceive the enigmatic force of the psychedelic themes that characterize the entire album. Intricate atmospheric layers introduce profoundly darkened guitar melodies flowing through monolithic rhythmic patterns that channel mighty doom vibes especially evident in the faster borderline chaotic segments built by powerful drumming and heavy guitar dynamics.

On “Seeker’s Reflection” the guitar driven psychedelic rock grooves take the center stage while the spacey atmospheric arrangements feel quite mystical and the primal growls contribute to amplify the obscure aspects of the instrumental passages.

The cosmic psychedelia of “Journey To The Center Of Mass” is constantly emphasized by the mysterious atmospheric aura and trippy electronic accents that could easily induce a trance state while the final part of the song becomes increasingly darker with gloomy guitar tonalities and harsh growls.

On “Wake Up The Possessor” the mystical atmospheric arrangements are definitely amplified by ethereal female vocals and psychedelic accents followed by significantly heavier rhythmic segments accompanied by hellish growls fueled by an ominous blackened momentum.

The lengthy title track showcases a complex multifaceted composition that revolves around a mind-bending blend of monumental doom tinged guitar riffs, grave melodic textures and massive mystifying electronic/drone waves that inevitably will make you feel dizzy within an endless psychedelic blackened rhythmic maze.  

Waste Of Space Orchestra have created something truly unique that transcends any standard music genre as “Syntheosis” is like a work of alchemy and a visionary search for knowledge that will impress but also challenge the listeners.

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