Baroness – Gold & Grey

After many acclaimed releases there are high expectations for what Baroness has crafted on the brand new album, and final entry in the band’s canon of kaleidoscopic releases, “Gold & Grey” and despite some misfortune and line-up changes you can perceive a great band chemistry here and a strong desire to blend variegated music styles with an intricate songwriting approach rather than deliver a straightforward collection of metal songs.

“Front Toward Enemy” begins with subtle atmospheric layers that introduce a groovy instrumental ensemble featuring unrestrained guitar riffs bearing bombastic sludge elements combined with prog finesse.

“I’m Already Gone” shifts the focus to calmer melancholia infused soundscapes with loads of soulful guitar melodies accompanied by a cathartic vocal delivery that definitely channels profoundly somber emotions.

“Seasons” has an inner melodic soul but can sound absolutely fierce with the stylish prog inspired rhythmic variations and the moments of rambunctious speed courtesy of the impressive precise drumming.

The sheer melancholy of “Tourniquet” comes to life through the fragile arpeggios and will often surface again through the soothing tonalities of the guitar leads even if the chunky bass lines and the bold guitar riffs eventually become dominant in the creation of massive grooves.

“Cold Blooded Angels” conveys intense emotions with warm vocals following nostalgic guitar melodies and comforting atmospheric arrangements but will later add some vibrant heavier rhythmic progressions without sacrificing the passionate melodic ensemble.

“Broken Halo” returns to cohesive guitar driven grooves that demand to be played loud and are certainly emphasized by thunderous drum blasts nevertheless there is room for wild unexpected experimental segments with kaleidoscopic synths.

“Borderlines” is full of magical spacey rock nuances deeply influencing the terrific fuzzy guitar riffs and the evocative harmonies of the compelling solo leading to thrilling instrumental crescendos that still manifest gloomy feelings yet offer palpable bursts of positive energy.

The shoegaze inspiration and the psychedelic accents behind “Pale Sun” lead to dizzy guitar tonalities, slow burning melodies and hazy atmospheres naturally amplified by the dreamy vocal delivery and the laid back rhythmic section.

“Gold & Grey” successfully maintains sonic diversity even if all the tracks seem to be connected by an understated emotional link and besides the evident mature musicianship probably the fact that Baroness skillfully and genuinely expresses all these contrasting emotions will attract even more listeners.

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