Suldusk – Lunar Falls

Suldusk is a new enchanting project led by Australian talented vocalist Emily Highfield and the debut album “Lunar Falls”, dedicated to the memory of late singer-songwriter Aleah Starbridge, has the power to express a multitude of emotions through melodies and words. 

“Solus Ipse” gives you a glimpse of the ethereal nature of Suldusk’s chosen music pathway starting with delicate arpeggios and dreamy melodic textures yet the elegant folk elements naturally embrace the prominent darker and heavier post-metal dynamics. 

On “The Elm” Emily’s bewitching vocals take the center stage with an exceptionally emotional delivery that inevitably moves the listeners surrounded by subtle atmospheric layers, graceful acoustic phrases and exquisite cello melodies. 

“Aphasia” offers another round of gentle acoustic guitars while the darkened atmospheric arrangements evoke extremely somber feelings that will be further enhanced by the enigmatic distorted crescendos and the occasional tormented screams lurking in the background. 

“Three Rivers” relies on the cinematic nature of the mysterious atmospheric arrangements in contrast with the celestial melodic essence embodied by the wistful vocals and the lavish acoustic passages. 

“Nazaré” feels like a daydream with luminous acoustic tonalities and nostalgic vocal delivery that celebrate the beauty of nature with lovely folk flavors but also convey cathartic emotions through the intricate melodic guitar work. 

The final track “Sovran Shrines” incarnates the spiritual aura of the album offering solace through warm acoustic harmonies that will evolve into a series of fierce yet utterly melancholic rhythmic patterns accompanied by raspy growls following an evident blackened post-metal approach. 

With “Lunar Falls” Suldusk have created a truly immersive music journey that can sound darkly poetic with its inner blackgaze soul but can also comfort and inspire the listeners with simply magical melodic tapestries. 

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