Dool – Love Like Blood

Dutch dark rock band Dool impressed the audience with the debut album “Here Now, There Then” back in 2017 and while it seems we still have to wait to hear a new full length the band has released the “Love Like Blood” EP which includes a cover of the eponymous Killing Joke classic and two b-side live tracks from Rock Hard Festival. 

“Love Like Blood” is a great cover choice for a band like Dool in fact this fascinating interpretation emphasizes the sultry darkened guitar harmonies with magical atmospheric nuances and the unique vocal delivery of Ryanne van Dorst renders everything passionately mysterious. 

“She Goat” and “In Her Darkest Hour” sound absolutely dark and sultry on this live recording and certainly show the alluring charisma of vocalist Ryanne. 

After many successful live performance it’s evident that Dool has already conquered a solid spot within the underground rock/metal scene as you can hear on the new “Love Like Blood” EP and hopefully they will release more music in the near future. 

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