Spirit Adrift – Divided By Darkness

Arizona based heavy metal outfit Spirit Adrift started as the solo project of multi instrumentalist Nathan Garrett and now has become a full band ready to reach another milestone with the release of the third full length “Divided By Darkness” which focuses on a more elaborate songwriting approach with evident classic metal influences.

“We Will Not Die” has an anthemic structure that aims to grab your attention instantly with explosive guitar riffs and skillful melodic leads characterized by delightful crispy tonalities so the focus here is on the creation of impactful heavy metal grooves.

The strength of the title track undoubtedly comes from the impressive guitar work that delivers loads of sharp riffs again executed in proper classic heavy metal style impeccably supported by a fiery rhythmic section as well as tasteful and often quite melancholic melodic phrases enhanced by soulful atmospheric layers.

Even if it’s not a full blown ballad “Tortured By Time” feels even more nostalgic with truly passionate vocal harmonies surrounded by stylish guitar progressions that add an elegant melodic depth and ultimately emphasize the somber emotional turmoil.

“Hear Her” is full of intense galloping guitar riffs keeping a cohesive series of memorable bold grooves that proudly carry the torch for traditional heavy metal yet sound like a variegated sonic ensemble as soaring lead guitars always add memorable licks.

The instrumental grand finale “The Way Of Return” revolves around massive cosmic melodies and epic vibes with a complex structure that still puts the spotlight on the excellent guitar work this time engaging the listeners more than ever with the hypnotic power of slow burning harmonies intensified by the delightfully psychedelic tinged atmospheric arrangements.

While Spirit Adrift certainly showcase strong 80’s/90’s metal roots at the core of “Divided By Darkness” they also work hard to ensure a compelling sonic diversity and to develop a unique identity that can sound relevant in the modern metal scene.


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