Valborg – Zentrum

German band Valborg has mastered a sophisticated primitivism which is definitely a peculiar music style that today leads to the darkened atmospheres and raw energy of the latest effort “Zentrum”.

“Rote Augen” creates asphyxiating atmospheres through relentless drum blasts that could make you feel dizzy while the only interruption that allows you to breathe comes from the moody borderline dissonant tonalities of the guitar work.

Still dwelling in a chaotic nightmarish sonic realm “Alphakomet” has the stomping force of industrial metal with loads of gritty guitar riffs and venomous screams but guitars will also bring glimpses of hope through unusual slower passages in contrast with the fully dissonant finale.

On “Anomalie” a slower dramatic tempo favors utterly bleak atmospheric layers that surround the evident industrial energy of mighty guitar riffs in the midst of flourishing darkened melodic accents and solemn vocals.

“Nonnenstern” definitely has a less hostile approach and actually puts the spotlight on the charming gothic tonalities of the melodic guitar phrases while the vocal delivery shifts from sheer desperation to comforting melancholy.

The final track “Vakuum” stands out for the consistent weight of the doom laden guitar riffs amplified by obscure atmospheric layers that lead to a desolate soundscape until fiery industrial  dynamics take over with pulsating drum blasts.

We can all agree that within the crowded metal scene Valborg’s unique sonic manifesto tends to stand out in fact the enigmatic nature and the experimental approach of “Zentrum” are bound to generate interest among those looking for innovative music.

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