Enthroned – Cold Black Suns

For twenty five years Belgian legends Enthroned have created acclaimed hymns to darkness and their signature ominous black metal style once again emerges from the darkest depths on the eleventh album “Cold Black Suns”.

With a ritualistic mood “Ophiusa” opens the album focusing on extremely ominous atmospheres surrounding the sparse bold guitar riffs and the brooding melodic passages that create a suspenseful mood. 

“Oneiros” feels like an arcane sonic journey as the hazy atmospheric layers foreshadow the arrival of darkness in fact the melodic guitar work evokes mournful vibes often following a slower tempo that emphasizes the inner desolation without sacrificing the more aggressive rhythmic patterns dictated by particularly thunderous drums. 

Through the nightmarish atmospheres of “Vapula Omega” hostile rhythmic blasts successfully channel the immense fury of classic black metal amplified by the tormented growls while the fiery guitar solo has the ability to add somber melodic depth maintaining a savage approach. 

On “Silent Redemption” the gloomy atmospheric arrangements hold a prominent role building a tension that will be ultimately released through the massive blackened rhythmic segments filled with uncompromising darkness and rage while the enthralling melodic guitars create refined sorrowful moments. 

A mysterious aura surrounds “Son Of Man” which showcases an elaborate structure effortlessly blending contemplative melodic waves with loads of mesmerizing gelid guitar tonalities and intense blackened grooves with a merciless rhythmic section while vocals can sound absolutely diabolical with ritualistic chants but can also successfully channel an epic momentum with a dramatic delivery. 

Just like the title suggests the sonic realm of “Cold Black Suns” is pitchblack and probably hopeless as driven by a primordial obscure force Enthroned craft bleak melodic textures and unleash all the crushing black metal dynamics that fans are eager to listen to. 


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