Nevalra – Conjure The Storm

Founded in 2013 by guitarist/vocalist Scott Eames, known as touring guitarist for Thy Antichrist, blackened death metal band Nevalra is ready to unleash the debut album “Conjure The Storm” that aims to impress the audience with an elaborate aggressive sonic assault embellished by dramatic melodic textures. 

The majestic beginning of “Warchestra” features opulent orchestrations and creepy atmospheric accents swiftly followed by a rather hostile instrumental ensemble diligently built by relentless guitar riffs and punishing drums obviously accompanied by hellish growls yet there are many tasteful melodic guitar leads that enhance the darkened vibes and showcase impressive musicianship. 

“…Of Ruination” certainly has a vicious blackened rhythmic section that will trigger a massive moshpit yet the lead guitars confidently craft loads of intricate refined melodies with an exquisite neoclassical inspiration.  

The title track shines for the enthralling orchestral intro and the dazzling melodic guitar work, especially emphasized by the thrilling skillful solos, that certainly add some alluring  theatrical aesthetics to the main infectious rhythmic section. 

From beginning to end “It Dies In Vain” relies on a ferocious approach with menacing growls and unstoppable savage guitar riffs following a tight rhythmic section with evident death metal influences while the lead guitars again engage the listeners creating enticing melodic crescendos. 

“Take Your Leave” shows the most melodic aspects of Nevalra’s music style with sorrowful acoustic phrases followed by luminous impeccable guitar harmonies in contrast with the sheer brutality of the groovy rhythmic segments and the belligerent vocal delivery. 

“Prophet For Profit” can sound quite aggressive with a straightforward death metal oriented rhythmic blast that seems incessant until suddenly everything slows down for a brief yet intense dramatic moment delivering stylish melancholic guitar melodies. 

Nevalra are still an emerging band but it must be noted that on “Conjure The Storm” they already follow a precise music direction with great passion resulting in a cohesive debut effort that definitely has the potential to attract numerous acolytes of melodic extreme metal.

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