Earth – Full Upon Her Burning Lips

Legendary experimental drone rock duo Earth consisting of guitarist Dylan Carlson and percussionist Adrienne Davies returns with the ninth record “Full Upon Her Burning Lips” which features a rather minimalist approach but is the result of an attentive exploration of styles and tonalities. 

“Datura’s Crimson Veils” is an epic lengthy track that relies mainly on intense guitar riffs flourishing in loop surrounded by enigmatic atmospheric nuances and enriched by bluesy melodic accents. 

“The Colour Of Poison” could make you space out and relax with enjoyable soul/r’n’b grooves and guitars are essential in the creation of stripped down fiery riffage that often showcases a classic doom inspiration. 

“She Rides An Air Of Malevolence” doesn’t really sound as malevolent as the cool title would make you think instead there are loads of spacey vibes spontaneously emerging through the comforting guitar melodies and the laid back rhythmic patterns. 

“An Unnatural Carousel” continues to offer cathartic guitar progressions and the mood becomes quite dreamy due to the soothing slow burning melodies basically stripped of any glamorous effects. 

There is a repetition of contemplative melodic moments on “The Mandrake’s Hymn” yet everything seems to amplify the raw energy of the vintage guitar sound also throwing some psychedelic elements in the mix. 

On “A Wretched Country Of Dusk” there are epic almost cinematic vibes with hints of positive energy as guitars can deliver brighter hopeful melodies mixed with some monumental riffs and hazy drone layers. 

The minimalist nature of “Full Upon Her Burning Lips” leads to an organic instrumental ensemble focused on the hypnotic power of guitar riffs and since Earth have been around for thirty years it’s not surprising to perceive a mature approach and a strong emotional drive throughout the album. 

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