Jess By The Lake – Under The Red Light Shine

We all know that Jasmin Saarela is an extremely talented vocalist from her enchanting work with the Finnish cult band Jess And The Ancient Ones and now she is ready to explore diverse music territories with the debut solo album “Under The Red Light Shine” under the moniker Jess By The Lake which celebrates her strong bond with nature. 

The title track features enjoyable trippy vibes courtesy of cool fuzzy guitar riffs as well as distinct bluesy rhythmic dynamics following a dreamy laid back tempo and such intriguing instrumental ensemble always enhances Jasmin’s dazzling vocals that showcase an enthralling multifaceted delivery ranging from soft passionate harmonies to energetic rocker vibes. 

“The Wait” offers gentle melancholic guitar phrases and subtle retro rock flavors that naturally surround Jasmin’s eclectic vocals that can effortlessly channel an emotional whirlwind in the catchy rock passages as well as bittersweet feelings during the slower contemplative moments. 

On “Nightmare” the rhythmic section gets super groovy blending psychedelic accents, soulful bluesy guitar melodies and tasteful vintage vibes creating a vibrant instrumental ensemble once again enriched by stunning vocals. 

“Legacy Crown” feels like a daydream with delicate & moody guitar melodies that often generate trippy moments and perfectly match the somber vocals while the comforting atmospheric soundscape allows Jasmin to add mystical vibes and express genuine emotions with her alluring vocal delivery. 

“Interstellar” further amplifies the cosmic feelings of the album with darkened atmospheric layers and understated psychedelic elements while the flourishing sorrowful guitar work conveys an intense melancholic depth effortlessly matched by Jasmin’s dreamy performance and extraordinary vocal range.   

“Under The Red Light Shine” is a lovely collection of songs that rightfully puts the spotlight on Jasmin’s charismatic voice and has the potential to conquer the heart of a diverse audience with the album’s soothing warmth and spellbinding creative approach. 

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