Memoriam – Requiem For Mankind

Since their inception back in 2016 Memoriam have been quite prolific in fact they are already releasing the third album “Requiem For Mankind” which once again showcases their songwriting skills revolving around lyrical themes of war, death and destruction. 

“Shell Shock” has the ability to channel old school death metal without sounding dated so there are some extremely somber atmospheric nuances and darkened melodic moments but the center stage really belongs to the savage sonic onslaught led by the galloping guitar riffs. 

The enraged spirit of “Undefeated” is fueled by chunky guitar riffs and belligerent drums but it’s not just a straightforward death metal tune as there are plenty of harrowing melodies flourishing through the energetic rhythmic blasts. 

The tormented mood of “In The Midst Of Desolation” leads to slower contemplative moments enhancing the cathartic melodic essence that comes to life through the skillful guitar work that will occasionally shift to utterly aggressive rhythmic patterns. 

“Refuse To Be Led” features evocative melodic guitars that gracefully express feelings of grief and loss while the acerbic riffs and the desperate growls stay true to familiar brutal death metal dynamics. 

The title track perfectly incarnates the uncompromising nature of the album as relentless guitar riffs effortlessly build massive infectious grooves always amplified by the spiteful vocal delivery and supported by the precise ruthless rhythmic section. 

The instrumental “Interment” marks a sorrowful finale showcasing the bleak melodic soul of the album and you can perceive that besides being death metal veterans Memoriam also have the skills to create alluring darkened soundscapes. 

“Requiem For Mankind” can certainly sound merciless due to the massive anthemic death metal dynamics yet Memoriam always manage to add intriguing melodic textures and doom laden atmospheres to render everything more interesting. 

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