Bloody Hammers – The Summoning

Goth rock duo Bloody Hammers pays homage to classic horror flicks with the spooky themes of the new full length “The Summoning”.

You can immediately appreciate the catchy melodies & chorus of “Let Sleeping Corpses Lie” which relies on straightforward rhythmic dynamics with an evident goth rock structure enhanced by the gloomy atmospheric layers that can even add some dramatic depth.  

“Now The Screaming Starts” offers loads of gritty darkened guitar riffs following faster groovy rhythmic patterns while keyboards and vocals effortlessly maintain the catchy & creepy mood that characterizes the entire album.  

The title track amplifies the nightmarish vibes with mysterious atmospheric arrangements but there is a prominent accessible melodic core reminiscent of a familiar goth rock style also incarnated by the somber vocal delivery. 

The sultry melancholy of “The Beast Is Coming Out” is constantly enhanced by the darkly soothing laid back rhythm and the solemn baritone vocals plus the massive eerie keyboards intensify the horror movie soundtrack vibe. 

“Condemned, The Prisoner” sounds a bit different as gentle acoustic phrases and sorrowful vocals channel immense nostalgia adding some comforting ballad elements while the keyboards focus on the creation of understated atmospheres. 

“From Beyond The Grave” is full of memorable dancey grooves and the goth rock inspiration feels particularly strong within the glowing melodic ensemble enriched by the grim vocals and the darkened allure of the multilayered atmospheres. 

Frontman Anders Manga and keyboardist Devallia certainly have great chemistry in fact the sonic realm of “The Summoning” feels spontaneous and entertaining as Bloody Hammers skillfully blend eloquent melodic hooks with a generous dosage of ghastly vibes. 

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