3TEETH – Metawar

Iconoclast industrial metal band 3TEETH has put together the ambitious new album “Metawar” that with its palpable raw energy and confrontational lyrical themes has the potential to ignite a certain musical activism that aims to inspire the audience.  

On “Affluenza” gritty guitar riffs and pulsating synths create a series of abrasive grooves rightfully enhanced by the filtered furious vocal delivery but also surrounded by elegantly somber atmospheric nuances.  

“Exxxit” has a post apocalyptic mood with loads of nightmarish vibes crafted by the intricate synths layers and matched by the bold scratchy vocals yet the mixture of chaotic guitar riffs and dancey beats feel absolutely catchy. 

The sonic manifesto of “American Landfill” can sound deliciously vicious with plenty of stomping quasi robotic grooves filled with blistering guitar riffs marching anxiously through obscure electro layers and vitriolic screams. 

There is a perceptible melodic serenity flowing through “ALTÆR” as the electronic arrangements acquire dreamy tonalities and clean vocals evoke sheer melancholy yet the main inflamed grooves tend to express unrelenting rage. 

On “Bornless” dizzy distortions and massive throbbing electro accents become the main focus ensuring a constant infectious groovy ensemble with familiar industrial dynamics and spiteful harsh screams.  

“Surrender” mainly dwells within a less belligerent sonic realm with slower rhythmic patterns and hazy atmospheric textures but occasionally picks up speed as the corrosive guitar riffs take over amplifying the darkened aspects of the song. 

On “The Fall” hypnotizing gloomy synths naturally create a decadent dystopian soundscape leading to haunting melodic moments and an irresistible catchy chorus spiced up by malicious electro twists and scattered heavier guitar riffs. 

Certainly you could say that “Metawar” is a solid industrial effort sometimes clearly angered yet quite entertaining but there is more under the surface as 3TEETH are delivering a wake up call and sharing their views on this decaying society through music & words. 


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