Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown – Truth And Lies

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown might still be a new name for some but those who already caught them on tour will tell you that they are on fire and the third studio effort “Truth And Lies” focuses on the band’s love for bluesy & heavy rock. 

With a charismatic rocker attitude “Shock And Awe” is certainly an entertaining album opener that balances smooth guitar melodies and a gritty riffs galore channeling intense positive energy. 

“On To The Next” sounds extremely groovy inspired by classic rock dynamics enriched by the seasoned rocker vocal style and full of thrilling guitar licks that naturally lead to a particularly addictive chorus. 

“Ride” offers loads of warm bluesy elements emphasized by strong southern rock vibes creating an exciting ensemble fully expressed by the flamboyant guitar work, the slow burning melodies and the laid back vocals.

On “Judgement Day” the mood shifts to a profound melancholia through the soulful vocal delivery accompanied by comforting acoustic phrases and occasional vibrant guitar licks in the midst of a significantly darker atmosphere. 

“Drive Me Mad” has a rebellious vibe that demands faster rhythmic patterns to create a dirty rock flair that calls for a late night party with an impressive heavier guitar work and a bold vocal delivery. 

“Cry Wolf” still holds a vivid classic rock rhythmic core but crunchy guitar riffs add cohesive heavy dynamics in contrast with the accessible & memorable chorus while vocals can also convey somber nuances. 

On “Couldn’t See The Fire” evocative melodic guitars and soothing vocals constantly channel authentic emotions and the perfect dosage of nostalgia while the skillful thrilling guitar soloing spices up the main mellow rhythm.

Tyler Bryant is already considered a guitar prodigy but accompanied by a solid band he’s ready to conquer a wider audience as this seems to be the right time to raise the bar with the raw energy and the melodic storytelling vibes of “Truth And Lies”. 

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