Monolord – No Comfort

Swedish stoner rock/doom trio Monolord is already highly praised in the underground music scene and the thrilling brand new album “No Comfort” will ultimately confirm them as true leaders of the genre. 

The monolithic guitar riffs and the consequent dense rhythmic patterns on “The Bastard Son” will make you space out immediately as Monolord successfully channel the primal elements of doom with an irresistible vintage flair, loads of bewitching mournful tonalities and an authentic passion that can easily charm the listeners. 

“The Last Leaf” revolves around major heavy guitar riffs and a raw energy that constantly maintain a groovy feel accompanied by utterly somber vocals while the slower dismal atmosphere evokes understated emotions and the memorable spellbinding melodic guitar work naturally increases the song’s introspective depth. 

On “Alone Together Forever Divided” the haunting mood can feel overwhelming as melancholic vocals flow through hazy atmospheres and the desolate tones of the slow burning guitar melodies inevitably trigger a profoundly darkened emotive crescendo.   

The title track evokes cathartic feelings through deeply nostalgic guitar melodies and warm arpeggios that will often evolve into a proper monumental doom laden ensemble when the heavier rhythmic segments emerge with renewed strength without sacrificing the perennial gloomy vibes. 

Undoubtedly “No Comfort” offers massive doom oriented crushing moments but the inspiring sonic vision of Monolord allows them to also convey intense emotions through the multifaceted  melodic textures that lead to a unique music journey destined to stand out in the current chaotic music scene. 

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