Borknagar – True North

So many have been anxiously waiting for the return of Norwegian metallers Borknagar and after spending three years writing and rebuilding the line-up the new album “True North” comes to life through epic dynamics with a true Nordic spirit. 

As the album begins with “Thunderous” you can immediately appreciate the impeccable detailed composition that aims to blend multiple styles as gelid atmospheres, gorgeous somber melodic progressions and solemn clean vocals certainly hold a crucial role in contrast with the tormented blackened rhythmic segments & venomous growls. 

“Up North” successfully channels a multitude of feelings through the cold guitar tonalities and the consequent melancholia infused melodic splendor that will constantly engage the listeners with the variegated guitar phrases and the smooth rhythmic variations following a fascinating prog rock inspiration. 

The dramatic essence and the wintry feelings of “Wild Father’s Heart” are naturally generated by refined soulful guitar melodies that inevitably evoke a profound sense of nostalgia accompanied by poignant vocals within a graceful instrumental ensemble further enriched by shimmering atmospheric arrangements. 

The lengthy track “Tidal” still focuses on a spellbinding melodic palette perfectly embodied by the inspiring melodic passages as the guitar work is destined to steal the spotlight crafting many memorable leads while the occasional powerful heavier momentum still demands fiery riffage and thrilling rhythmic crescendos. 

“Voices” shifts the focus on an opulent melancholic soundscape almost leaving behind the harsh rhythmic blasts to create an intricate atmospheric maze around the utterly sorrowful vocal harmonies and to fully emphasize an introspective melodic approach.  

At this point the music style of Borknagar has acquired an ex novo diversity a bit distant from their black metal roots but definitely destined to attract a wider audience with compelling melodic aesthetics and the genesis of “True North” symbolizes such natural evolution leading to a grandiose multifaceted opus.

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