Lacrimas Profundere – Bleeding The Stars

During the last 26 years Lacrimas Profundere have created melancholia driven music staying true to a personal sonic pathway far from any given trend and after many line up changes they return to channel their darkly romantic essence on the new effort “Bleeding The Stars”. 

The delicate guitar melodies and the exquisite vocals by new vocalist Julian Larre on “I Knew And Will Forever Know” bring you straight into a seductive gothic/doom realm, the ideal scenario to shed tears and feel intense emotions, and the soothing melodic waves spontaneously embrace the scattered bold rhythmic dynamics. 

“Celestite Woman” maintains the gothic allure mainly with the delicious hints of melancholia within the atmospheric arrangements and with the inspired baritone vocal delivery yet throws in the mix some super groovy goth ‘n roll guitar riffs & chorus. 

You can easily perceive the poetic soul of “Mother Of Doom” as this track is filled with heartfelt guitar melodies and charming introspective vocals but also plenty of catchy rhythmic patterns enhanced by the sing along chorus and the elegant keyboards layers. 

With a faster pace and heavier rounds of cohesive guitar riffs “Father Of Fate” gains a quasi ominous strength definitely amplified by the raw energy expressed by the growls in contrast with the evident melancholia of the smooth guitar melodies and the darkened clean vocals. 

The wintry delight of “Like Screams In Empty Halls” is symbolized once again by the guitar melodies inducing an instant heartache and the overdose of lovable dark tonalities further enhanced by the sultry vocal delivery in perfect gothic fashion while the sinister doom elements add some thrilling heavier momentum. 

Like a memorable melancholic hymn “A Sleeping Throne” closes the album sincerely channeling all kinds of somber feelings through the perfect dosage of darkly sentimental vocals and gloomy melodic guitars in the midst of aptly nostalgia infused atmospheres. 

A bittersweet romanticism that belongs to the decadent themes of gothic metal enriches the mature songwriting approach of “Bleeding The Stars” which certainly represents a triumphant comeback for Lacrimas Profundere showing also that the band is still driven by an appealing creativity and therefore has a lot to offer in the midst of the ever changing metal scene. 

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