The Agonist – Orphans

The return of Canadian extreme metallers The Agonist promises to be quite memorable as they have developed an interesting music identity that fully comes to life with passion and fury on the latest release “Orphans”. 

The atmospheric intro of “In Vertigo” introduces a monstrous rhythmic ensemble that demands speed and anger with infectious guitar riffs and stylish leads while the symphonic & operatic arrangements might render the song less hostile emphasizing the dramatic depth. 

“As One We Survive” brings some blistering metalcore elements within the fierce rhythmic section but melodic guitars definitely add the perfect dosage of melancholia which also allows Vicky Psarakis to deliver emotional clean vocals besides angered growls.  

“The Gift Of Silence” goes straight to the point with a belligerent sonic assault but it will eventually leave behind the brutal rhythmic force to favor sorrowful vibes with elaborate guitar melodies and catchy clean vocal harmonies enriched by a dazzling guitar solo. 

“Blood As My Guide” is full of aggressive guitar riffs following technical rhythmic variations embellished by solemn atmospheric arrangements and understated symphonic vibes while Vicky’s vocal performance can sound quite theatrical. 

The title track begins with soft introspective atmospheres swiftly followed by interesting technical guitar driven grooves accompanied by menacing growls yet the melodic aspects often emerge with profoundly darkened guitar phrases enhanced by the intense clean vocals. 

The impactful nature of “Burn It All Down” is immediately evident as the visceral energy of the rhythmic ensemble leads to unrestrained grooves where guitars constantly showcase a remarkable technical approach. 

There is a lot going on “Orphans” which always manages to balance enthralling melodic tapestries and vicious extreme metal dynamics as the music style of The Agonist continues to evolve following new exciting ideas. 

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