Black Star Riders – Another State Of Grace

It didn’t take long for Black Star Riders to garner attention since the release of the debut album “All Hell Breaks Loose” back in 2013 but now a new line-up and an untamed hard rock energy lead to the brand new album “Another State Of Grace”. 

“Tonight The Moonlight Let Me Down” makes you feel good with so many groovy guitar riffs leading to cohesive and fun rhythmic dynamics accompanied by smooth vocals. 

The title track can sound heavier as the guitar work is simply electrifying with massive grooves, flamboyant leads and tight riffage while the sing along chorus will get stuck in your head. 

“Underneath The Afterglow” keeps the grooves going and you know you will have a good time listening to this track as soon as the crunchy guitar riffs take over and the soloing adds extra glamorous elements. 

Featuring guest vocalist Pearl Aday “What Will It Take” has some nostalgic ballad style elements with accessible mellow guitar melodies that aim to emphasize the emotive power of the vocal duet. 

With heavier guitar riffs and fancy soloing “In The Shadow Of The War Machine” acquires some frenetic rhythmic patterns and even slightly darker tonalities but it still stays true to the catchy classic rock themes.  

“Poisoned Heart” goes straight to a catchy mood keeping things uncomplicated with the crispy sound of guitars that can easily deliver sweet melodies and groovy riffs accompanied by the confident vocal harmonies. 

With “Another State Of Grace” Black Star Riders can say to have crafted another anthemic collection of rock songs and while delivering grooves full of positive energy once again they showcase stellar musicianship. 

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