Crimson Moon – Mors Vincit Omnia

Black metal collective Crimson Moon have been around for many years but the fourth full-length “Mors Vincit Omnia” raises the bar unleashing major occult hymns that will spread absolute darkness from beginning to end. 

The atmospheric depth of “Vanitas” leads to a diabolical soundscape certainly emphasized by the ritualistic choirs and embellished by the mournful melodic guitars while the tormented growls and the menacing fast rhythmic bursts channel the essential fury of classic black metal. 

Like a hymn to the Angel of Death “Altars Of Azrael” is drenched in darkness as the choral incantations amplify the arcane force of the atmospheric layers surrounding a hypnotizing blend of melodic gloom and fierce blackened dynamics. 

The esoteric essence of “Parcae – Trinity Of Fates” is immediately palpable with the overdose of ominous atmospheric arrangements and the recurring theatrical chants flowing through the desolate melodic grandeur featuring plenty of bewitching guitar harmonies and dramatic rhythmic patterns that can spontaneously evolve into a violent blackened entity. 

The title track lets the darkness prevail and this time the black metal elements feel even stronger with the galloping devilish guitar riffs, the aggressive drumming and the creepy growls rising from hellish depths yet guitars can provide moments of intense melodic despair. 

The mood of “Funeral Begotten” is aptly macabre & morbid as bleak synths and eerie organ constantly deliver hypnotic nuances accompanied by the solemn vibes of the mysterious choirs while guitars seem to favor a grave melodic approach filled with blurry forlorn tonalities following a slower rhythmic section. 

Since the very first listening “Mors Vincit Omnia” drags you into an obscure sonic realm where all hope is lost as Crimson Moon confidently concoct the darkest hymns that will become your new favorite winter soundtrack. 

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