Kayo Dot – Blasphemy

Founded by composer and producer Toby Driver, Kayo Dot has been an outlet for eclectic experimentation which once again comes to life with renewed energy on the new album “Blasphemy”, based on an allegorical story by Jason Byron and destined to surprise the listener with interesting and often unusual soundscapes. 

“Ocean Cumulonimbus” can sound like the sweetest lullaby with peaceful melodic tapestries yet there is a tormented spirit that eventually emerges through the darkened rhythmic bursts and the frantic vocal delivery. 

The gentle melodic passages on “The Something Opal” certainly can evoke a sense of serenity but underneath lies a sort of rebellious mood amplified by the intense vocals within a surreal blend of guitars and synths.  

“Vanishing Act In Blinding Gray” is a perfect example of the polyhedric composition that characterizes the whole album, starting with dreamy melodic nuances that will give way to a more chaotic and unpredictable series of rhythmic progressions featuring theatrical vocals and borderline aggressive guitar dynamics. 

“Turbine, Hook And Haul” offers a cinematic soundscape where the intricate blend of understated atmospheric arrangements and moody guitar melodies bear striking post-rock influences and lead to the creation of a quite emotional sonic experience. 

On “Blasphemy: A Prophecy” synths feel very dominant delivering darker atmospheric textures with distinct goth vibes that constantly surround and emphasize the dramatic vocal delivery and despite the slow paced rhythm this track seems to hold a strong mystical energy.  

“Blasphemy” feels so far from trends and rules as Kayo Dot proves to be brave following a wild sonic vision that aims to mix a multitude of styles and tonalities to create something different yet more accessible than expected. 

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