Blut Aus Nord – Hallucinogen

French veterans Blut Aus Nord are renowned for their visionary atmospheric blackened aesthetics that fully come to life with a palpable spiritual essence and an avant-garde approach on the latest full length “Hallucinogen”. 

“Nomus Nebuleam” already depicts an apocalyptic wasteland through the elaborate atmospheric tapestries that surround the somber guitar work which still bears the mark of introvert black metal yet focuses on the creation of bleak melodies and also acquires psychedelic tinged tones.

“Sybelius” is filled with darkened emotions as melancholic & trippy guitar melodies naturally flow through the hazy atmospheric arrangements while the rhythmic section will eventually channel an enigmatic blackened allure with galloping guitar riffs that will later evolve into a groovy psychedelic rock entity demonstrating the eclectic nature of the whole album. 

On “Anthosmos” exquisite dreamy atmospheres introduce an increasingly darker & heavier instrumental ensemble channeling the primordial fury of traditional black metal with fast drumming and ominous guitar riffs while the glowing melodic phrases will emerge with a profound sense of nostalgia. 

“Mahagma” also showcases a distinct blackened force through the grim tonalities of the guitar work delivering intense riffage as well as comforting darkened melodies that can express so many mesmerizing emotions while the choirs lingering in the background add understated arcane vibes mixed with the hypnotic nuances of the atmospheric layers. 

“Hallucinogen” is the result of a cathartic sonic evolution as Blut Aus Nord are driven by a unique cosmic force that inevitably generates darkly bewitching soundscapes blending hostile blackened dynamics and lavish harmonious textures. 

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