Kadavar – For The Dead Travel Fast

German rock overlords Kadavar always seem to come from another dimension as their music style defies space and time with an irresistible retro rock flair that acquires bewitching gothic twists on the new full length “For The Dead Travel Fast”. 

“The Devil’s Master” immediately showcases the darkened aura that surrounds the whole album as while the ‘70s rock influences remain strong with the overwhelming weight of the guitar riffs and plenty of groovy vibes the slower passages emphasize the captivating occult rock essence. 

On “Evil Forces” the vocals acquire creepy tonalities that certainly match the darker doom tinged instrumental passages but the rhythmic ensemble can always concoct catchy rock dynamics and generate an energetic momentum with the thrilling guitar soloing. 

“Children Of The Night” marks another intensely dark moment as the blend of gentle guitar phrases and trippy rhythmic bursts marching through hazy atmospheres will inevitably put a spell on you and within the perennial esoteric realm the heavier guitar riffage always feels entertaining. 

The hypnotic feelings behind “Dancing With The Dead” seem to come straight from a grave as guitars craft an overload of arcane melodies and darkly exquisite leads in the midst of obscure doom oriented rhythmic crescendos.  

“Long Forgotten Song” continues to convey a profoundly eerie mood mixing intense heavy doom guitar riffs and haunting slow paced melodies as the whole instrumentation seems to dwell within a supernatural limbo where gothic and vintage rock simply embrace while the softer vocal harmonies enhance the song’s dramatic depth.  

Kadavar have already demonstrated their exceptional songwriting abilities but this time the gothic horror concept generates a deeply mysterious sonic experience and “For The Dead Travel Fast” is not an ordinary collection of songs also because everything here constantly reminds you that “magic is everywhere”. 

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