Exhorder – Mourn The Southern Skies

Nola thrash metal legends Exhorder are finally back, it’s been 27 years since they released an album but “Mourn The Southern Skies” definitely has the necessary strength to gain recognition and a genuine sound hard to find within the modern metal scene. 

The perfect way to start this album is delivering a ripper like “My Time” with plenty of infectious guitar riffs leading the way through a massive series of memorable grooves and the lyrical anger is as impactful as the instrumental ensemble. 

“Asunder” maintains classic thrash dynamics packing an overdose of crushing guitar riffs, killer soloing and consequent fiery grooves but certainly you can also perceive a swampy mood influencing some guitar tonalities and the vocals are still freaking enraged. 

“Yesterday’s Bones” offers another serious round of belligerent guitar driven grooves that keep the thrash element alive & vibrant and certainly showcases the band’s mature musicianship and refreshing passion also with the thrilling progressions and somber tones of the melodic guitar solos. 

“All She Wrote” is straight to the point unleashing scorching guitar riffs and a faster vigorous rhythmic section obviously accompanied by the intense vocal delivery as the mood gets wilder and the smooth chorus brings additional groovy vibes. 

The moody southern spirit is all over “The Arms Of Man” as warm melodic guitars become extremely dominant with some distinct sludge elements following less hostile yet still potent rhythmic dynamics.  

The lengthy title track is a quite elaborate work of music starting with an aptly mournful combo of acoustic harmonies and tasteful melodic passages that will influence the overall mood adding an epic flair yet there are still super groovy moments courtesy of the mighty rhythmic backbone and the fierce guitar riffs.

“Mourn The Southern Skies” has a lot to offer to all thrash metal acolytes around the world and Exhorder manage to engage the listeners with all kinds of memorable heavy grooves and melodic twists which feel like the right way to celebrate their comeback. 


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