Ofdrykkja – Gryningsvisor

Consumed by darkness Swedish atmospheric black metal band Ofdrykkja begin a new therapeutic emotional journey on the third full length “Gryningsvisor”.

On “The Swan” gelid minimalist guitar phrases induce a sense of perennial desolation amplified by the mournful clean vocals and the laid back melodic progressions glowing through the darker black metal oriented rhythmic section accompanied by fiery growls. 

“Swallowed By The Night” evokes endless nostalgia focusing on lovely mellow arpeggios and a general contemplative atmosphere while the ethereal vocal performance by Miranda Samuelsson brings a glimpse of healing light. 

Without losing the inner melancholy and icy tonalities “Wither” often offers catchy guitar progressions and luminous atmospheric layers leading to a pale sense of hopefulness while the distant screams can still channel despair and anger.  

The poetic track “Herr Mannelig” leaves behind any hints of rage as soft angelic vocals guide the listeners through cathartic emotions fully expressed by the gentle acoustic phrases flourishing within the subtle atmospheric ensemble. 

On “Våra Minnenas Klagosång” tormented growls amplify the presence of blackened elements but the melodic essence continues to prevail with comforting somber guitars and bittersweet acoustic harmonies. 

“Grey” is filled with wintry feelings and a profound melancholy lingers through the tranquil acoustic passages surrounded by blurry atmospheric layers while the harsh blackened rhythmic segments this time become more dominant with moments of pure anguish. 

Considering that the members of Ofdrykkja have been dealing with destructive lifestyles it’s not surprising to perceive a genuine emotional turmoil on “Gryningsvisor” which inevitably dwells in a realm of darkness and light rightfully symbolized by the blend of fragile melodies and desperate blackened momentum. 

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