Bent Knee – You Know What They Mean

Boston based band Bent Knee is an incredible creative collective in fact it’s not surprising to see that the new album “You Know What They Mean” is ready to deliver all kinds of mind bending soundscapes with a particularly versatile songwriting approach. 

“Bone Rage” will hit you in the face with a turbulent instrumental ensemble revolving around acidic guitar riffs and unusual rhythmic progressions but vocalist Courtney Swain is certainly the star of the show demonstrating a striking vocal range. 

“Give Us The Gold” is rather entertaining with a groovy upbeat rhythm that channels positive energy and makes you want to jump but the moody guitar melodies can also create introspective moments emphasized by emotive vocals. 

Just listening to Courtney’s otherworldly vocals “Hold Me In” will quickly become a favorite as the whole instrumentation effortlessly shifts from catchy rock elements to spellbinding melodic passages through futuristic atmospheric waves. 

“Cradle Of Rocks” is full of cool bouncy rock dynamics and the guitar work offers additional diversity mixing crispy tonalities with dirty rock accents while vocals tend to amplify the melodic depth with a luminous delivery. 

“Lovemenot” is full of surprises with borderline dissonant guitar riffs that can sound heavier and darker while Courtney’s vocal performance adds playful vibes or becomes utterly dramatic balancing the melodic spirit and the chaotic moments. 

With an artsy rock spirit “Catch Light” certainly shines for the great diversity offering danceable groovy rhythmic segments enhanced by impeccable vocals but there are also enigmatic vibes due to the introvert cinematic themes that convey contrasting feelings. 

You might try to analyze the experimental approach of Bent Knee but it would be a waste of time as they deliberately push boundaries with a rare artistic freedom that renders “You Know What They Mean” a truly unique opus. 

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