Darkend – Spiritual Resonance

Italian black metal warlocks Darkend have crafted a new arcane ritual symbolized by the latest dark offering “Spiritual Resonance” which will inevitably spread pure esoteric energy. 

Since the very beginning “The Three Ghouls Buried At Golgotha” is characterized by a darkened spiritual aura as haunting atmospheric arrangements introduce a series of sinister rhythmic crescendos filled with relentless guitar riffs & drumming accompanied by a satisfying mixture of theatrical vocals and venomous growls. 

The mystical pathway of “Scorpio Astraea High Coronation” comes to life with compelling darkened melodic guitars following a slower seductive rhythm that still showcases a strong black metal inspiration matched by the hellish torment expressed by the foreboding vocals. 

Featuring a fascinating performance by guest vocalist Lindy-Fay Hella of Wardruna “With Everburning Sulphur Unconsumed” definitely has an elaborate approach that relies on multilayered melodic & atmospheric textures evoking a captivating gothic splendor in addition to the main heavier blackened rhythmic ensemble.

On “The Seven Spectres Haunting Gethsemane” galloping rhythmic blasts and cascading guitar riffs evoke all kinds of bleak feelings enhanced by the understated atmospheric layers leading to a gloomy peaceful moment featuring fragile classical piano melodies and distant ominous chants. 

Darkend proudly invite you to join the ancient ceremonies of “Spiritual Resonance” which stands out for the darkly charismatic essence fully embodied by decadent symphonic tapestries and fiery blackened dynamics. 

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