Völur / Amber Asylum – Breaker Of Rings / Blood Witch

It seems obvious that a split album featuring doom experimentalists Völur and neo-classical ambient collective Amber Asylum will defy any given music boundaries in fact “Breaker Of Rings / Blood Witch” feels like a perilous exploration through a surreal sonic realm that demands your utmost attention. 

 inspired by the Niflung cycle from the Poetic Edda “Breaker Of Rings” is a fascinating opus divided in four parts where Völur truly showcase their enigmatic creative force blending ethereal violin melodies and atmospheric gloom. On ‘II” the funeral doom elements are mixed with the dramatic depth of vocals and the brooding beauty of the violin melodies while “IV” brings a darkly grandiose epic crescendo with monolithic rhythmic patterns and opulent harmonies. 

Amber Asylum tell a story of beauty and anguish on “Blood Witch” as decadent melodies and hazy atmospheres surround magical poetic vocals, an avantgarde sonic ensemble that will make you feel dizzy, while “Largo” emphasizes the classical splendor with intricate cello melodies that evoke enigmatic nuances and darkly romantic vibes.  

Both Völur and Amber Asylum share a darkened otherworldly music vision emphasized by the dominant presence of bewitching strings and since “Breaker Of Rings / Blood Witch” feels extremely distant from the average trends it will certainly satisfy your craving for sophisticated soundscapes. 


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