Vesperith – Vesperith

Emerging from the shadows Vesperith is a new project created by Finnish experimental black metal sorceress Sariina Tani embarking on a “pilgrimage to the abyss” on the debut eponymous release. 

“The Magi” symbolized the experimental mood of the whole album as angelic vocals embrace the cosmic energy generated by the constant dense atmospheric layers.  

“Fractal Flesh” maintains a similar meditative approach with multilayered monochromatic arrangements but this time there are also some primal blackened rhythmic patterns and ominous growls. 

“Valohämärä” feels like a spiritual voyage through an endless darkness with comforting melodic accents and soothing vocal harmonies flourishing in the midst of arcane atmospheric waves in contrast with the chaotic rhythm and screeching sounds in the song’s finale. 

“Quintessence” blends misanthropic blackened elements and understated ethereal melodies surrounded by dark ambiance tapestries that keep on unfolding with nocturnal and ritualistic tonalities ultimately leading to overwhelming obscure black metal rhythmic blasts. 

The enigmatic music style chosen by Vesperith will probably appeal to a niche audience, those attracted by impenetrable darkness and atmospheric drone nuances that on this debut release inevitably lead to a mystical sonic realm. 

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