Misery Loves Co. – Zero

Back in 2000 Swedish industrial metal pioneers Misery Loves Co. reached the acme of their career with the influential album “Your Vision Was Never Mine To Share” and now they are finally back with the thrilling full length “Zero”. 

The atmospheric synths on “Suburban Break” have a cool industrial flair that influences the guitar work and the consequent super groovy rhythmic segments generating constant gritty riffs and moody feelings also well expressed by the somber vocal delivery. 

There is a darker mood running through the murky melodies of “A Little Something” which also amplifies the industrial approach during the energetic guitar driven grooves and vocals seamlessly shift from a melancholic delivery to fiery screams. 

“Fell In Love” will hypnotize you with lovely bleak guitar melodies and understated atmospheric arrangements that definitely feel darkly romantic also due to the slower hazy rhythm plus the vocals successfully channel an intense nostalgia. 

On “The Waiting Room” the instrumental ensemble feels darker than ever as the multilayered atmospheres belong to an apocalyptic desolate realm while guitars create compelling tormented melodies as well as primal industrial oriented heavier dynamics. 

The title track has a dystopian mood relying on steady reckless electro beats and darkened guitar tonalities leading to a memorable chorus and loads of vibrant rhythmic patterns that make you want to jump. 

“One Of Those Days” sounds extremely melancholic focusing on an enthralling sorrowful vocal performance and all the melodic guitar work clearly emphasizes the emotional themes yet there is still a groovy quasi rebellious momentum emerging throughout the song with a subtle dosage of raw industrial energy. 

In the golden days Misery Loves Co. crafted really cool music so it’s a pleasure to see that they still have that brilliant creative spark today and hopefully listening to the new effort “Zero” people will still appreciate their undisputable talent. 


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