Voyager – Colours In The Sun

On the seventh full length “Colours In The Sun” Australian quintet Voyager aim to reach a wider audience demonstrating interesting songwriting skills that lead to an eclectic blend of catchy pop flavors and technical heavy rhythmic patterns. 

The music style of “Colours” definitely fits the title as guitars and keyboards craft bright comforting melodies with a strong 80’s pop flair yet there are many technical prog twists within the solid rhythmic section that seamlessly lead to significantly heavier dynamics. 

On “Severomance” the 80’s vibes feel quite prominent with the multilayered keyboards and the accessible melodic chorus featuring a luminous vocal delivery in contrast with scattered crunchy guitar riffs. 

“Brightstar” follows a similar pathway as keyboards continue to be essential in the creation of cinematic soundscapes that channel uplifting vibes matched by the passionate vocals and the glowing proggy guitar melodies. 

Featuring an impeccable performance by guest vocalist Einar Solberg of Leprous “Entropy” could easily become a favorite due to the emotive nature of the vocal harmonies and also there are complex prog oriented instrumental passages that focus on the charismatic melodic guitar work. 

The 80’s synths feel utterly strong on “Reconnected” creating all kinds of entertaining electro beats that will occasionally evolve into moody atmospheric layers while the rhythmic section can generate fierce heavy patterns with tight guitar riffs and precise drumming. 

“Water Over The Bridge” is probably the heaviest track unleashing steady raw energy through the intense djent style guitar riffs and the prog rhythmic twists while the soothing vocals and the subtle atmospheric arrangements maintain a pleasant melodic essence. 

Undoubtedly there are many refreshing ideas behind the versatile composition of “Colours In The Sun” and Voyager seem to have developed a tasteful polychromatic formula that will satisfy music connoisseurs. 


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