The Night Watch – An Embarrassment Of Riches

Canadian progressive instrumental quartet The Night Watch worked seven years to create the majestic opus “An Embarrassment Of Riches” which will constantly surprise the audience with a major creative force and an elaborate composition. 

“Land Ho!” is made of magic and melancholy as the sublime violin melodies comfort you and guide you through an intricate sonic maze where heavier rhythmic progressions and mellow acoustic phrases can fully express an emotional turmoil. 

“The Summit (Part I)” feels like a daydream focusing on soothing atmospheric arrangements and gentle acoustic harmonies yet the excellent combo of violin and guitars will lead to powerful rhythmic crescendos that emphasize the epic vibes and the prog elements. 

“Shamaniac” continues to offer an incredible array of diverse styles as guitars acquire somber tonalities to generate heavier riffage and groovy prog oriented rhythmic patterns while the violin will constantly convey a fascinating classical elegance with striking prowess and glowing melodies. 

Listening to “Telling Brow And Tongue Root” you never know what to expect as the violin crafts luminous melodies channeling uplifting feelings yet the whole instrumentation will later evoke sophisticated darker nuances with the addition of faster inflamed rhythmic progressions and atmospheric gloom.  

The mesmerizing track “The Summit (Part II)” evokes a melancholic serenity as the violin once again holds a crucial role delivering all kinds of gorgeous harmonies as well as additional eclectic phrases together with the remarkably precise guitar work leading to a particularly thrilling prog infused ensemble. 

Far from being an average album “An Embarrassment Of Riches” feels like an epic film score and will certainly stand out for the dazzling musicianship that allows The Night Watch to seamlessly shift from pure classical splendor to enigmatic prog dynamics. 

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