Fen – The Dead Light

British metallers Fen consistently follow a fascinating sonic evolution that reaches the acme on the sixth full length “The Dead Light” which shines for the detailed composition highlighting a mesmerizing post-black metal essence. 

Under a shroud of frost “Witness” is a true symbol of melancholia as fragile guitar melodies create a gorgeous evocative soundscape that will certainly move the listeners and will ultimately embrace a cold blackened crescendo without sacrificing the poignant atmospheric spirit. 

“The Dead Light (Part 1)” amplifies a heavier blackened approach with loads of inflamed guitar riffs and the consequent faster menacing rhythmic patterns that hold a crucial role even if the luminous nostalgic melodies will often emerge to convey profound emotions. 

Channeling an irresistible dreamy post-black metal force “Nebula” offers a memorable blend of delicate melodic waves and fierce heavy rhythmic dynamics while the vocal performance also expresses such contrasting feelings shifting from warm cleans to ravenous growls. 

The misty daydream continues on “Labyrinthine Echoes” which offers cold poetic atmospheres and appealing contemplative melodies while the impeccable rhythmic section will generate cohesive unrestrained grooves fueled by a palpable primal black metal inspiration. 

Within a captivating atmospheric realm “Exsanguination” features another eloquent melodic grandeur with a calmer introspective vocal delivery surrounded by cathartic guitar harmonies gradually acquiring darker tonalities to build a soulful yet more aggressive rhythmic crescendo. 

Throughout “The Dead Light” Fen are constantly evoking pure melancholia in the midst of gelid crushing blackened dynamics naturally entwined with heartfelt melodic tapestries so there are plenty of reasons to instantly fall in love with such darkly alluring release. 

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