Skyblood – Skyblood

Since many years swedish vocalist Mats Leven has worked with several amazing bands such as Therion and Candlemass and now he is ready to begin a new exciting music endeavor as a solo artist under the moniker Skyblood.

“The Not Forgotten” has a catchy melodic essence inspired by classic metal dynamics with the right dosage of steady guitar riffage and bright soloing surrounded by subtle symphonic accents while Mats engages the listeners with a mix of high-pitched screams and soothing vocal harmonies. 

On “Wake Up To The Truth” the atmosphere becomes darker and the symphonic tapestries are more present with variegated opulent layers while guitars deliver a fancy shredding solo and maintain a heavier rhythmic approach around the theatrical vocal delivery. 

“Once Invisible” shines for the elegant melancholia infused piano melodies and charming atmospheric arrangements that lead to a sumptuous dramatic depth further emphasized by the gloomy guitar driven crescendos and the darkly fervent vocal performance. 

“One Eye For An Eye” balances warm melodic textures and powerful rhythmic patterns generating widely accessible soundscapes that are definitely spiced up by Mats’s shapeshifting vocals confidently delivering massive harsh screams and somber harmonies.

The elaborate composition behind the final opus “Le Venimeux” focuses on majestic symphonic orchestrations, poignant classical piano melodies and refined melodic guitar work to create a lavish theatrical experience where Mats can truly express his music identity through a quite compelling and diverse vocal performance. 

Mats worked several years on this new project bravely expressing his personal music taste and exploring different styles that allow him to fully showcase his versatile vocal abilities, as a result Skyblood debut album is certainly destined to surprise the audience. 

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