Strigoi – Abandon All Faith

Featuring Greg Mackintosh of Paradise Lost and Chris Casket of Extreme Noise Terror  & Vallenfyre the new band Strigoi proudly unleashes an old school death metal inspired manifesto on the debut album “Abandon All Faith”. 

There is a fiery rage behind “Phantoms” as the rhythmic section delivers angered fast blasts yet something creepy lurks in the dark generating sinister guitar tonalities within the relentless riffage as well as the mournful doom tinged leads. 

“Seven Crowns” is full of smouldering grooves as the guitar riffs and drums truly channel the primal essence of classic death metal spiced up by menacing progressions and the savage growls can certainly amplify the inner turmoil. 

The sonic realm of “Carved Into The Skin” is made of desolation and misery focusing on monolithic doom laden grooves with utterly heavy riffs and gloomy guitar leads that can also evoke enthralling gothic vibes crafting melancholy infused melodies. 

On “Parasite” guitars acquire an abrasive industrial inspired sound enhanced by suspenseful atmospheric layers that introduce a malevolent rhythmic ensemble as the aggressive approach demands faster unstoppable riffs.  

“Plague Nation” again blends refined sorrowful doom elements with majestic fury as cavernous growls are surrounded by an overdose of ravenous guitar riffs while the evidently more melodic licks cut through the dense rhythmic patterns. 

The title track holds an arcane flair with extremely ominous chants and visceral growls emerging from the darkest depths and the instrumental ensemble is characterized by diabolical tonalities further enhanced by the cryptic doom style of the enticing guitar work. 

Greg seems to have a grand music vision in mind for Strigoi in fact while “Abandon All Faith” is just the first release it already showcases impressive musicianship and an inflamed creative force rightfully fueled by hostile dynamics drenched in darkness.  

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