Hypno5e – A Distant (Dark) Source

French post-metal collective Hypno5e are known for the alluring cinematic nature of their music which once again flourishes through the magical soundscapes of the new full length “A Distant (Dark) Source”.

“On The Dry Lake” is an artsy hypnotizing work of music that offers a profoundly emotive cinematic ensemble feeling like the ideal soundtrack for an avant-garde movie. The understated atmospheric arrangements surround the charismatic heavy rhythmic segments that can sound quite aggressive at times with fierce guitar riffs and hostile screams yet the delightful melodic soul is fully expressed by the glowing melancholic guitar melodies and the softer vocal delivery. 

“A Distant Dark Source – Part I” is a somber quasi enigmatic cinematic introduction of “A Distant Dark Source -Part II” which delivers an elaborate blend of soulful guitar harmonies and technical grooves characterized by intriguing prog metal variations leading to contrasting feelings of nostalgia and sheer anger.  

The surreal and moody “A Distant Dark Source – Part III” continues to seamlessly shift from darkened melodic moments to intense rhythmic crescendos courtesy of the brilliant guitar work again showcasing the amazing abilities of Hypno5e. 

“On Our Bed Of Soil – Part I” relies on mellow and dreamy harmonies accompanied by poetic narratives while “On Our Bed Of Soil -Part II” soon evolves into a terrific unrestrained rhythmic rampage featuring sharp guitar riffs fueled by some primal energy in contrast with the recurring poignant melodies that will inevitably move the listeners.

“On Our Bed Of Soil -Part III” begins with graceful atmospheric layers and calm vocals channeling peaceful feelings yet such enchanting tranquility will be interrupted by a darker and significantly heavier rhythmic approach with venomous riffage and powerful drumming before returning to a less chaotic and rather melancholic momentum. 

As Hypno5e continue to showcase stellar musicianship and stylish ideas “A Distant (Dark) Source” is undoubtedly a complex album where so many emotions fuel the intricate melodic tapestries and the wilder djent oriented patterns. 

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